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Red Wine Health Benefits

Red wine is one of those few things on earth where you can have your cake and eat it too. Yes, the studies have shown that drinking a glass or two or red wine is actually healthy for you while feeling good drinking it. Yes, the perfect combo. Dark Chocolate is also one of these too. The dark red pigment from the grapes that create the red color is full of powerful antioxidants that are key for living a healthy long life. Continue reading

Deep Breathing Exercises – Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing Take 4 deep breaths per day. Deep breathing is important for stretching out your lungs. Back stretches are not the only way to keep your body limber. The average person breathes shallow throughout the day, everyday. This will cause your lungs to be weak over the years. Inhale and then exhale as much … Continue reading

Healthy Lifestyle – Healthy Living

Healthy Lifestyle Breath of Fresh Air– Crack the bedroom window open before sleeping. Benefits of Stretching– You are as youthful as your spine is flexible. Take a Vacation– Doctors stress the importance of taking a vacation. Massages– Massages are magical, check out these types of massages. Deep Breathing Exercises– Stretch out your lungs too. Skin … Continue reading