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Healthy Chinese Food Options

We all love to go to our favorite Chinese Restaurants and order those sweet/salty/greasy meals. There are many tasty healthy Chinese food options to choose from. Just ask your server to change few things to your order. They are usually happy to oblige and eager to make you happy for a return visit. Or, if … Continue reading


Replacing Mercury Fillings

IS THERE A CONCERN ABOUT THE USE OF MERCURY IN DENTISTRY? As written from Synergy Dental: Many people do not realize that ‘silver’ amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. A large filling may contain as much mercury as a thermometer. Mercury vaporizes easily at room temperature, and in this state, is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Inhaled … Continue reading

Is Organic Food Better For You – What Is Organic

Healthy Living Going organic is definitely the best way to go and definitely part of a healthy lifestyle. Back in the days of our grandparents, organic food was just called…food. Now with the rise of pesticides, poisons and corporations, gobs of money seems to part of the equation. Imagine if I took a head of … Continue reading

Breath of Fresh Air – Sleep With The Window Open

Healthy Lifestyle Crack the bedroom window open before falling asleep. Health benefits of oxygen are tremendous. Continually breathing in used, stale and uncirculated air is wearing out your body. Breathing in fresh oxygen into your bedroom where you spend the majority of your life (sleeping) is good practice for longevity and key to a healthy … Continue reading