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Bike Riding For Health

Riding a bike could be considered by many as one of the healthiest activities around. You are getting a complete cardio workout as well as building and strengthening several muscles throughout your body. Bike riding helps you to keep limber, stay focused and sweat out toxins. My uncle Ben is 103 years old and he … Continue reading

Kombucha Health Benefits

The Benefits of Kombucha There are very few medicinal items in the world that date back to over 5000 years old and still in use today. Kombucha is on that very small list. Over the generations there will always be a new “cure” or medicinal drug but time is always the test and the majority … Continue reading

10 Ways On How To Deal With Depression – Dealing With Depression

Dealing with Depression 1.  Spend time with positive people – We all know some positive friends who always seem to be optimistic. Give them a call, invite them out for a walk or just to hang out and talk. Chances are some of their positive vies will rub off on you.  Thoughts (both positive and … Continue reading

12 ways on how to handle stress – Coping With Stress

Stress can eat away at mind and eat away at your psychical well being. When you keep stress inside of you and do not give it an outlet, a way to vent, depression, anger and illness will consume you. 12 ways on how to handle Stress Yoga Yoga has been going on for generations in … Continue reading

Healthy Foods

Pomegranate Nutrition Red Wine Health Benefits Benefits of Green tea