About Me

About Kevin

At the young age of 12 is when I started my first organic garden and growing every vegetable, fruit and berry you could imagine. I learned the value of living off the land and eating whole, healthy foods without having to spray them with pesticides and poisons. I always enjoyed playing fun activities and sports that had community.

I understood at a young age how all of this played a role in my energy, health and happiness. Twenty-nine consecutive years later I am still eating and living off of the land without having to go produce shopping for approximately 8 months of every year. I am raising 4 happy chickens and get the freshest possible eggs every morning. Into my 40’s I’m still keeping fit in all sorts of outdoor and indoor activities and can easily see and feel the benefits.

Everyday my research and studies will continue to focus on all aspects towards leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kevin gardening in his backyard

I am not a licensed Doctor or a professional in the medical field. Please make sure you consult a physician upon doing anything in question. My knowledge about the articles I write is from years and years of self-research through medical journals, conversations from top-authorities in their field, in-depth online research as well as my own best judgement towards living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve also done a good amount of research on Centenarians (people who live to 100 years or older), and I’m excited to share many of their secrets I’ve learned in hopes it will catch on to you. Many of these Health Blogs are the secrets of people living over a 100 but in more depth. I have an extensive mental library of powerful information and I am excited to share it with you.

Living healthy should not be a chore, but more of a passion. Once you are genuinely excited about all that goes into it then you are on the right path towards great health, happiness and longevity.