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Benefits of Green Tea – Does Green Tea Have Caffeine

Benefits of Green Tea The benefits of green tea are off the charts. There is a reason why the Japanese have one of the longest lifespans on the planet. Yes, there is a high seafood consumption as well as seaweed and ginger, but the benefits of green tea into their diet has played a large … Continue reading

Pomegranate Nutrition – Pomegranate Health Benefits

Kombucha Health Benefits

The Benefits of Kombucha There are very few medicinal items in the world that date back to over 5000 years old and still in use today. Kombucha is on that very small list. Over the generations there will always be a new “cure” or medicinal drug but time is always the test and the majority … Continue reading

Red Wine Health Benefits

Red wine is one of those few things on earth where you can have your cake and eat it too. Yes, the studies have shown that drinking a glass or two or red wine is actually healthy for you while feeling good drinking it. Yes, the perfect combo. Dark Chocolate is also one of these too. The dark red pigment from the grapes that create the red color is full of powerful antioxidants that are key for living a healthy long life. Continue reading

Healthy Chinese Food Options

We all love to go to our favorite Chinese Restaurants and order those sweet/salty/greasy meals. There are many tasty healthy Chinese food options to choose from. Just ask your server to change few things to your order. They are usually happy to oblige and eager to make you happy for a return visit. Or, if … Continue reading