Bike Riding For Health

Riding a bike could be considered by many as one of the healthiest activities around. You are getting a complete cardio workout as well as building and strengthening several muscles throughout your body. Bike riding helps you to keep limber, stay focused and sweat out toxins.

My uncle Ben is 103 years old and he was an avid bike rider for the majority of his life until his 90’s. Bike riding has kept him walking on his own at his beautifully old age. His legs have remained strong as well as having solid balance.
I have taken his healthy lifestyle tip, and I too plan on bicycling well into my 90’s.

Indoor biking

Like many, getting out and riding might not be an option. Look online for the perfect indoor stationary bike and get your move on.

Here are some of the health benefits of bicycling.

Cycling builds strength and muscle tone by continually doing reps.
Cycling improves general muscle function throughout your entire body. your limbs will become more flexible.

Cycling builds stamina.
Cycling makes the heart pound in a steady manner and helps improve cardiovascular fitness. bike riding and heart health go hand in hand.

Cycling improves your overall lifestyle
Lowers Blood Pressure. Builds Stronger Bones. Decreases Chronic Pain

Cycling improves heart health
According to the British Medical Association, cycling just 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%.

Cycling improves coordination
Cycling is an activity that involves the whole body. Therefore, arm-to-leg, feet-to-hands and body-to-eye coordination are improved.

Cycling reduces stress
Bike riding can reduce stress and depression and can just overall make you feel better. If you are trying to figure out how to deal with depression, bicycling plays an important role.

Is Bike riding good for weight Loss

Cycling helps to lose weight, burn fat and eats up calories.
Steady cycling burns approximately 300 calories per hour. After a heavy meal, hop on that bike and keep that food from sitting in your belly and turning into unwanted fat.
The action works your entire leg, glute, core, arms, etc. It can be a full body workout – depending on your terrain and how much you challenge yourself.

Make sure you are eating a healthy diet before you become an avid bike rider. You will need those extra nutrients that will be flowing through your veins and into every part of your body. There is no sense in having a horrible diet and then follow it up with a long bike ride. It would be like smoking Organic cigarettes.

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