Healthy Chinese Food Options

We all love to go to our favorite Chinese Restaurants and order those sweet/salty/greasy meals. There are many tasty healthy Chinese food options to choose from. Just ask your server to change few things to your order. They are usually happy to oblige and eager to make you happy for a return visit. Or, if you are the chef at home, you can use many of these same tips to create you own meals.

Healthy Chinese Food Options

Steam It.
Search the menu for steamed items.  Steaming your vegetables will cut down on the fat, calories, and sodium. Lightly steaming will not completely destroy all of those healthy enzymes in your food.

Use brown rice.
Choose brown rice over white. Brown rice is richer in fiber and vitamins and minerals like manganese and selenium, which will help combat free-radical damage that can build from physically, emotional, or environmental stresses. White rice has the bran removed while brown rice still has it intact. A cup of brown rice has 3.5 grams of healthy fiber and white rice has less than 1 gram. Never get fried rice which has 14 grams of fat in an 8-ounce serving. Most restaurants will offer both white and brown rice.

Use Chop Sticks.
Using chopsticks will allow extra sauce to remain at the bottom of the dish when eating. Chopsticks will slow you down, which will allow your body to respond to feeling full and satisfied and hopefully reduce the amount of food you take in. If you have not mastered the chopstick technique, you can use a fork and feel comfortable allowing some of the sauce to drip down.
Here are some cookbooks with healthy Chinese food options that you can cook at home anytime .

Request “Less Oil”.
The oils that many Chinese restaurants use can be very high in fats and calories. If you must have an entree that is sautéed, ask for it ‘done lightly’ or ‘with less oil’. This is an easy change and can save you a couple hundred calories. Steamed is preferable.

Limit the Heavy Weights.
Fried dishes are going to be some of the heaviest calorie dishes. Drenching your foods in fried oils not not a healthy option.

Healthy Chinese Food Options

Remember those little steamed appetizers called Dim Sum- You think its healthy because its steamed. But Dim Sum is primarily made of maida (refined flour), which causes your blood sugar to spike, not good for diabetics,  and promotes fat storage.  Also, steer clear of thick gravy or sauces made from sugar, flour, or cornstarch (such as those found on General Tso’s or Sweet and Sour Pork). They’re loaded with corn syrup.


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