Soft Drinks and Health

Imagine taking 15 teaspoonfuls of sugar and pouring them in a glass of water and then drinking it all down? Doesn’t the thought of that sound a bit repulsive? Well, welcome to 1 can of the average soda pop. Though soft drink companies will add carbonation and other tasty flavors to make it so “refreshing”, the fact of the matter is, every time you drink a can of your favorite soft drink (unless it claims to be sugar free) you are ingesting an overwhelming amount of sugar and caffeine. Now think when you super-size it or drink two cans in a day. There is a reason why America has an extraordinarily high amount of diabetes and obesity. This is an addictive legal epidemic that needs to be dealt with in a serious manner.

Soft Drinks = Sickness

Offering children a can of soda pop has to be the single most destructive act towards a child’s healthy lifestyle.  Their body does not know how to process that much refined sugar all at once and you will notice a large spike in hyper-activity. It becomes harder for children to focus and pay attention while 15 spoonfuls of sugar and a large amount of that powerful stimulant drug, caffeine is flowing through their veins. Then after that sugar/caffeine high wears down, lethargy takes over and it becomes even harder for children to cope and they can get into a depressive lull. Then to make matters worse, sometime parents think that their children has behavioral issues and takes them to the doctor to help control their symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, only to be prescribed Ritalin. So now, this poor child has a huge amount of sugar, caffeine and Ritalin flowing through their body. I know what you are thinking…”this is probably rare?” – Not in the slightest, there are millions of people who are dealing with this exact predicament. Keep soft drink out of your kitchen and out of your life. I would recommend eating dirt then a diet high in soft drinks.

The empty calories of soft drinks are likely contributing to health problems, particularly overweight and obesity. Frequent consumers of soft drinks may also be at a higher risk of kidney stones, a higher risk of heart disease and certain types of cancers. Besides the sugars and acids, there is a bigger issue at hand. Caffeine, which is added to many of the most popular soft drinks, is a mildly addictive, stimulant drug. Also, the sugar and acid in soft drinks will easily dissolve tooth enamel, creating a dental nightmare for your mouth. Dealing with depression is also a major concern when large amounts of soft drinks are part of your diet.

Soft drinks and health

Carbonated soft drinks are the single biggest source of empty calories in the American diet, Soft drinks provide large amounts of sugars which are mostly high-fructose corn syrup. High-fructose corn syrup is made from taking a certain type of corn that is inedible to humans, boiling it down and adding chemicals until it becomes this sappy sweet syrup. This corn syrup is so destructive to our digestive system that we cannot process it and over time such diseases like diabetes and obesity take over.
Soft drinks are not only bad for what they are but for what they push out, meaning that instead of drinking milk, juice and water, people are justifying soda pop as part of the daily amount of liquid needed for proper hydration.

The average pH of soft drinks, e.g. Coke, Pepsi is pH 3.4. This acidity is strong enough to dissolve teeth and bones! Our human body stops building bones at around the age of 30. After that it’ll be dissolving about 8-18% of the bones each year through the urine, depending on the acidity of the food intake (acidity does not depend on the taste of the food, but on the ratio of potassium / calcium / magnesium / etc. to phosphorus).
All the dissolved calcium compounds accumulate in the arteries, veins, skin tissue, and organs. This affects the functioning of the kidney (kidney stones).

It is so easy for me to say, stop drinking soft drinks and start drinking more water and juices, but the reality is this change needs to come from within. Caffeine is an addictive drug and it will take more then just an extremely awesome blog about the health dangers of soda pop to keep it out of your life for good. Treat this like a cancer, and understand that left untreated it eventually will catch up to you.